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I have a question about cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small item of data which a website sends to your computer. There are two types of cookie – "permanent" cookies, which are stored on your computer's disk, and "session" cookies, which are automatically deleted when you quit your web browser session.

When you log on to our website, our computer looks up your details in our database and sends your computer a cookie containing your membership details. Thereafter, when you visit different pages in our site, our computer can detect by the presence of the cookie that you have logged on and whether you have an active subscription to enable you to send cards. Without the cookie it would be impossible to differentiate between logged-on members and casual visitors to the site. (This is true of any membership-based site, not just ours.)

Normally the log on cookie is a session cookie, which means that it is automatically deleted when you quit your browser. But if you request the automatic log on feature, then we make it permanent so that next time you come to the site, you don't have to log on again.

As well as the log on cookie, we use cookies for a few other purposes: you can read more about our cookies here.

You can find assistance with enabling, disabling and managing cookies here.

Please note that if you disable or block our cookies, you will not be able to log on to our website, even if you are a member!

Cookies in the Curio Collection and English Garden, and Cotswold/Edinburgh Advent Calendars

The Curio Collection, English Garden and browser-based Advent Calendars use cookies to hold your activation code, as well as personalisations such as your Christmas tree decorations, flower arrangements, snowflake designs and so on.

It is therefore very important that you have permanent coookies enabled for jacquielawson.com, and that you do not clear your cookies. If you do clear them, you will lose all your personalisations, and you will also have to re-activate your Curio Collection, English Garden or Advent Calendar.

Please note the 2020 Nordic and 2021 London Advent Calendars are not browser-based and therefore do not use cookies.

Local Storage

For the sake of simplicity, we use the term "cookies" in our FAQs and other documentation to refer to both cookies and local storage. Local storage is similar to cookies in that it provides a means for your browser to store data on your computer. In the Curio Collection, English Garden and older Advent Calendars, we use cookies to store your activation code, as detailed above, but the personalisation data such as flower arrangements and Christmas tree designs are actually held in local storage. Some browsers allow you to manage local storage separately from cookies; others do not differentiate. If you find your activation code is being cleared but your personalisations are not, that is because you have deleted our cookies but not our local storage – and vice versa. Please consult your browser documentation for further details.

I have enabled cookies but I still get a cookie error when I log on

If you have followed all the instructions to enable cookies, but you still get the error message about cookies, please check to see if you have any other security or privacy software installed on your computer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products available which have cookie control features and it's not possible for us to give instructions for all of them.