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How to post a card on Facebook

On our website

If you're a Facebook user, you can post a card on Facebook instead of sending it by email. This is a great way of sending cards because it avoids any difficulties with email addresses, spam filters and so forth.

To do this, proceed as usual for sending a card. On the Personalise and Preview page, select a caption (if appropriate), enter your personal message, click the Send or Share button, then click Send via Facebook.

On the next page, you will see an internet address link which we will have created specifically for your card. So all you need to do now is to copy and paste it into your Facebook page, or your friend's Facebook page, or into a private message on Facebook (or anywhere else you please)! First, click the Copy Link button. Then open the Facebook page where you want to post the card, and paste the link just like you would paste any other text – for example:

  • On a Windows computer, hold down Ctrl and type V, or right-click with the mouse and take Paste
  • On an Apple Mac computer, hold down Cmd and type V, or choose Edit > Paste
  • On an iOS or Android device, tap where you want to paste the link and then tap Paste

You'll probably want to add some text to your post, so that the person reading it realises that it's a Jacquie Lawson ecard, not spam. But be careful not to change the link itself, or it won't work!

Using our app

When you've selected the card to send and entered your message, select "Share". Then click the Facebook icon and follow the share process, exactly the same as when you share anything else on your phone. Our app will post a short message (which you can edit if you like) together with a unique link to your card (which you must not edit, or it won't work). View more information on our ecards app here.

Do my Facebook posts appear in Card History?

Yes. But once you've copied the link to your card, we have no way of knowing where or whether you pasted it! So we just label it as a Facebook Post in Card History, without any information about the recipient. Also, if you changed your mind about pasting the link, we won't have any way of knowing that, so the entry will still appear, but you can always delete it from your Card History page if you wish.

Can I attach a gift to a card sent via Facebook?

No, sorry, you can only attach gifts to cards sent by email. However you can always send the gift by email, and then post a card on Facebook to alert the lucky recipient to your gift, just in case they don't check their email!