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What is the Jacquie Lawson ecards app?

Our ecards app is a free app for Apple iPhones and iPads, and for Android phones and tablets. It provides a really easy way of sending our ecards from your phone or tablet – either using our email service as usual, or using your phone's built-in sharing feature to send cards by text message, social media post, or whatever you like!

The app is free to use for everyone. If you already have a JL ecards membership, then you can log into the app using the same email address and password that you use for our website, and you will automatically be able to send all our ecards from within the app.

If you do not yet have an ecards membership then you can still download our app for free, and you'll be able to send a limited selection of a few ecards, so you can try out the service and see if it works for you. You can then subscribe to the full ecards service either from within the app or sign up for a Jacquie Lawson membership on our website. Please note that if you subscribe from within the app, then your membership will go through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and all subsequent renewals and cancellations will be managed via the relevant app store, and any customer service requests pertaining to your membership must be directed to Apple or Google. If you subscribe on our website, then we will manage your membership and you can contact our helpline if you have any questions about your payments and suchlike.

The app is designed to be powerful and easy to use, and it includes:

  • Full access to our entire range of cards (for subscribers)
  • Send cards using your phone's built-in contacts list as well as your Jacquie Lawson Address Book
  • Share cards using your phones standard Share options (e.g. text messages, social media)
  • Schedule cards to be sent by email in advance
  • Card History and Cards Pending
  • Change your account name, email address and password and email notification options

There are however a few things you cannot do in the app:

  • Attach gifts to your cards (except Digital Gift cards)
  • Purchase or manage non-ecard products such as our Advent Calendars
  • Change your payment information
  • Modify your JL Address Book

You can download the app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Or just go to the store on your mobile device and search for Jacquie Lawson Ecards.