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I have a question about the Address Book and Birthday Reminders

How to I find or sort the entries in my Address Book?

To search for an existing name or email address, just start typing in the dark blue search box.

You can also sort the entries in order of first name, last name, email address, or birthday, just by clicking on the relevant column header.

How do I enter my contacts in the Address Book?

Make sure you are logged on, then click My Details, and then click Address book & reminders. Click Add contacts to add new contacts, or to change an existing contact, click the Edit link to the right of their row. For each contact you can enter their name and email address. If you would also like to have a birthday reminder, check that option (see below). After entering each new address, click "Save contact" to add it to the list or save your edits.

To delete entries, check the box in the Delete column for all unwanted entries, and then click "Delete".

Birthday Reminders

If you like you can also enter the birthdays of each person. If you do this, we'll send you an email either one day or one week (your choice) before the birthday to remind you to send a cards. When adding or editing a contact, just check the Birthday Reminders option and enter the day, month and optionally year of the birthday. You can also select whether to have the reminders send one day, or one week before the actual birthday.

Using the Address Book to send ecards

When you come to send a card, click the option to send by email, and then click "Select from address book". A window will pop up where you can select one or more of your saved addresses – or you can even send a card to all of them at once!

Please note – to select an address it's important that you click the checkbox to the right of each entry, not the name or email address itself, and then click "Add selected contact(s)" below the list.

Can I import my address book from Outlook or another email program?

Sorry, this is not possible at present. However if you download the JL ecards app and send cards using the app, then you will have access to your phone's contact list as well as your Jacquie Lawson address book.

Change the order of display

Click the column headings on the Address Book page to sort the entries by first name, last name or email address.

How many addresses can I have in the address book?

You can have up to 1000 addresses in your address book.

What if I'm using the ecards app?

(more details)

When you send cards using our ecards app you have access to your Jacquie Lawson address book, and also to your phone's built-in contacts list. However if you wish to make changes to your Jacquie Lawson address book, please visit our website to do this since it's not yet possible to do that in the app.

Address Groups

You can also create groups of people, for example "Work colleagues" or "Christmas list" or "Family". This is useful when you send cards, because instead of selecting individual addresses to send a card to, you can select an entire group at a time and the card will be sent to everyone in the group.

To create a group, click Groups and then "Add new group". Give the group a name (e.g. Family) and then select the contacts you want to include in the group. Finally, click "Save group" (at the bottom of the page).

You can also view, edit or delete existing groups by selecting the appropriate option from the Groups section of the page.