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How do I book a card to be sent on a future date?

On our website

To schedule a card to be sent on a future date (perhaps for a birthday), first log on to the site and select a card to send as usual. Select the caption, if applicable, and enter your personal message. Then click the Send or Share button, and enter the name and email address of the recipient (this feature is only available for cards you send by email).

After you have completed your recipient's details click on "Send card on this date" and select the date required.

Using our app

After selecting the required card and entering your message, tap "Email" to send the card by email, and enter the name and email addresses of the recipient(s). Then enter the required delivery date and tap "Send ecard". View more information on our ecards app here.

When exactly will the card be sent?

As most people send cards to recipients within their own country / timezone, the card will automatically be sent early in the morning in your country's time. Where a country has more than one timezone, the westernmost timezone is used. For example, all cards sent by members from the USA will be sent at around 1:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the selected date. That's the same as 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time. If we did it the other way around then some cards would be sent too early, on the evening of the previous day!

Please note that there may also be variations in the time sent owing to Daylight Savings Time; and on busy holidays such as Valentine's Day, it can take some time to send all the cards, so they won't all go at exactly 1:00 a.m.

Can I change the card afterwards (but before it's sent)?

Yes! Just click Cards Pending and you'll see a list of all your future-dated cards, and you can edit them or cancel them there. For more details, see our FAQ page about the Cards Pending page.

Can I book a card to be sent in the future via Facebook, text or social media?

No, sorry, this is not possible because these sending mechanisms all require you to copy and paste the link to the card directly into the page or application concerned. All we do is provide the link to the card: the process of actually posting it is up to you.