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How do I set up a shortcut to click on to go to your site?

There are two ways of making it easier to find our website.

1. Create a desktop shortcut.

Go to our website as usual (or go to whatever web page you want to make into a shortcut). Now look in the address bar of your browser – that's the white bar near the top, where it has the address of the page – for example, "www.jacquielawson.com" (sometimes with http:// in front). Just to the left of this text, you'll see a little button or icon. Click this icon, hold down the mouse button, and drag it to a blank space on your desktop.

2. Create a "bookmark" or "favourite"

On Windows computers the easiest way is just to go to the required page as above, and type Ctrl-D – i.e. hold down Ctrl and type D. This works with almost all modern browsers, but if it doesn't work, try searching the internet for instructions for your browser.

Alternatively, if you have an Apple or Android phone or tablet, why not download the free JL ecards app? Then you can send cards directly from your mobile device even more easily than using our website!