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What are the minimum technical requirements for your products?

Ecards and note cards

The technical requirements to view our ecards and note cards are as follows:

  • A browser supporting WebGL (see below)
  • Windows computers
    • 2.33Ghz or faster processor
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11
    • Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
    • 2Gb of RAM
  • Mac OS computers
    • Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    • Mac OS X v10.9 or later
    • Latest version of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
    • 2Gb of RAM
  • Chromebooks
    • Chrome version 69 or later
  • Mobile (iOS and Android tablets and phones)
    • iOS 10.0 or higher, or
    • Android 4.4 or higher, with Chrome browser.

You can test if your browser supports WebGL on this WebGL Report website. Provided that your browser has support for WebGL, you may well be able to use our ecards, even if your device or operating system is not amongst those listed above.

If you are running an iPad with an earlier version of iOS, please consider upgrading your iPad by downloading the latest available version of iOS.

Jacquie Lawson ecards app

Our ecards app runs on iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tablets, with the following specifications:

  • Apple iOS 12.0 or higher
  • Android 5 or higher

Country Cottage and Edwardian/Sussex Advent Calendars

The technical requirements for the Jacquie Lawson Country Cottage (including the Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs), the Edwardian Advent Calendar, and the Sussex Advent Calendar are:

Windows 10 (64-bit Home or Pro) or Windows 11 (64-bit Home or Pro)

  • CPU
    • Intel 4th Gen chipsets and above
    • AMD ZEN and AM4 series chipsets
  • Graphics
    • Intel Integrated: HD Graphics 500 or newer
    • NVIDIA: GeForce 500 series or newer
    • AMD: Radeon 7000 series or newer
  • RAM: 4GB+ System Memory
  • Drivers: Hardware vendor officially supported drivers
  • EU users only: if running the 'N' version of Windows 10, you will need to install the Windows Media Feature Pack

Other versions of Windows 10 and 11 are not supported including 10S, 10RS, 11SE, non-standard installations of Windows 10 or 11, Windows Server.

MacOS (Catalina 10.15+)

  • CPU: i5 or i7 Intel Mac, or Apple Silicon are recommended
    • i3 Airs are a little under-powered causing performance issues
  • Graphics: Metal capable Intel and AMD GPUs
  • RAM: 4GB+ System Memory
  • Drivers: Apple officially supported drivers.

Monitor aspect ratios

Most standard monitors with these aspect ratios are supported:

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9

If your monitor has another aspect ratio the app will try to fit as closely as possible. Please use the Settings menu to adjust fullscreen resolution, and if fullscreen is not working please switch to windowed mode to accommodate your screen's aspect ratio.


  • iOS (14.0+)
  • iPhone and iPad Compatible
  • Android (API Version 28+)
  • Android Phones and Tablets with Android 9.0 and above

Adobe Flash

Neither Adobe Flash nor Adobe AIR is required for our ecards or for any of our current products.