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What Advent Calendars are available this year?

NEW 2022 "Sussex" Advent Calendar

After the hustle and bustle of last year's London Advent Calendar we're moving a little further south this year, into the beautiful Sussex countryside. Those of you who have been particularly observant will know that this area is the home of Jacquie herself so, while the village we're visiting this year is fictional, you can be sure our source material is very much authentic!

As before, your Advent Calendar can be downloaded to your Windows or Mac computer, or run as a native app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.  Please check the required technical specifications for full details of the supported devices.

"London" Advent Calendar (Updated for 2022)

The London Advent Calendar is available again this year as well. We've updated it for 2022 so it will count down to Christmas correctly.

Previous years' Advent Calendars

All Advent Calendars released prior to last year (2021) have been withdrawn from sale. The Nordic (2020), Cotswold (2019), and Edinburgh (2018) Advent Calendars are still available for use and if you have already used them in previous years you can continue to do so. Additionally, if you have unused activation codes in your Order History then you can still use them to activate these Advent Calendars. But please note that these old versions will not observe the correct December date: they will always behave as though Christmas Day has already passed.

Advent Calendars which you purchased or downloaded prior to 2018 may continue to work OK, but unfortunately we cannot provide technical support if they don't. Our Advent Calendars are by their nature intended for use over a single Christmas season only.