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I have forgotten my password

Please go to our Password Reset page, and then enter your email address where prompted. Our computer will immediately send you an email containing a link to a special password reset page. Click that link and follow the instructions.

Please note that it's not possible to retrieve your old password, and the link will allow you to create a new password. This is for reasons of security: we don't actually store your password on our computers, so we couldn't tell you what it is even if we wanted to — we just store an encrypted version of it so that we can verify it when you log on.

I asked for a password reset but it never arrived!

The password reset email is sent automatically within minutes of your request. If you don't receive it then there are only three likely causes:

  1. The email address which you entered does not exist in our database. We can only send a password reset email to email addresses which correspond exactly to the one we have on file for you. If you joined using a different email address, or if you mis-spelled your email address when you joined, or if you mis-typed it when you asked for the password reset email, then we will not be able to send you that email. Please try any other email addresses you may have used in the past, and make absolutely certain that you are typing the address correctly.
  2. Your service provider or spam filter is treating our email as spam and has put the email in your Junk Mail folder, or (rarely) blocked it altogether. Please check your Junk Mail folder, and ask your service provider how you can whitelist email from help@jacquielawson.com, or add that address to your approved senders list.
  3. You received the notification but accidentally deleted it. Please check your Deleted Items folder.

If none of the above work, or if:

  • you've forgotten the email address you used to join us, or
  • you suspect you may have given us the wrong email address, or
  • you've changed your address and are no longer able to retrieve email sent to your old address

then please fill in our membership retrieval form. This will enable us to verify your membership and issue a password for your new email address.