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Can I purchase an Advent Calendar as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Simply purchase the desired Advent Calendar on the appropriate Jacquie Lawson Sussex or London Advent Calendar page (not from the Apple or Google app store, and not from within the app itself). You can purchase as many copies as you like and either send them straight away to the intended recipients, or keep them back for now and send them later using the Order History pages of our website. See more details on purchasing a gift for someone here.

Each recipient will receive an email giving their unique activation code and a link to our website to allow them to activate their Advent Calendar. Once they have activated it, they can download the appropriate version for their device. The Windows or Mac versions are downloaded directly from our website, and the iPad/iPhone or Android apps are downloaded (free) from the Apple or Google app stores.

The recipient can also download more than one version and use the Advent Calendar on more than one device. Please note that if they do this they do not need to activate the Advent Calendar on each device: they only need to activate the Advent Calendar once, and this links the code to their email address. Then, within the Advent Calendar app itself on each separate device, they should simply log in using the same email address which they used to activate the Advent Calendar.