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I have a question about purchasing

You can currently purchase the following products from our website by clicking Gift Shop or the links below:

You can find information about the methods of payment we are able to accept here.

In-app purchases

Alternatively, you can purchase the Advent Calendars and the Country Cottage expansion packs as in-app purchases from the relevant iOS or Android app. In-app purchases take place via the Apple or Google app store, and as such are subject to Apple and Google's terms and conditions. The records of these transactions exist only in your app store account and we are not able to access this information so any queries and refund requests would have to be made via the relevant app store.

Please note that gift purchases are difficult if not impossible to achieve via the app stores so if you want to send any of our products as a gift, we strongly recommend you do so by purchasing from our website as described below.

Please also note that if you buy the Edwardian Advent Calendar or Sussex Advent Calendar as an in-app purchase then this does not automatically enable you to use the Windows or Mac version of the Advent Calendar, and you would need to contact our helpline to have this change made. Please also see this FAQ about in-app purchase of the Advent Calendars.

Purchasing as a gift

For gift purchases, you can add the names and email addresses of the recipients at the time of purchase, but you don't have to. You can leave some or all of them blank and add the details later, from the Order History page.

If you want to send your gifts later, then don't enter any recipient details now. Any you enter now will be sent immediately on completion of the purchasing process.

If you've already logged on, then the first copy you order will automatically be reserved for you. If you don't want a copy yourself, or if you already have your own copy, then click "Remove Self".

What happens next?

As soon as you've completed the payment process, an email will be sent to each recipient (including yourself, if you've kept one for yourself) giving a link to a page where you can activate and download or open the product you have purchased. This email includes each recipient's unique activation code.

To open the product, simply click the link in the email and follow the instructions. The exact process will depend on whether you're using a PC or Mac computer or an iPad or other tablet, and on which product you've purchased.

If you've left the recipient details blank, then the unused items will be shown in your Order History page, and the emails with the activation codes won't be sent until later, when you specify the recipients on the Order History page.

The purchaser will also get a single transaction confirmation email with a transaction reference number. Keep this safe since you will need this number in the even of any queries.

I didn't get any emails!

Either you gave the wrong email address when you registered with us, or a spam filter is blocking our mail to you. Please follow these instructions if you are not receiving our email.

My recipient didn't get the email!

Again, this can only be because either you gave the wrong email address for the recipient, or a spam filter is blocking our mail to that recipient. Please read our FAQ about product emails which are not received.

I've already purchased some products, but I'm not getting the right discount!

The discounts are calculated at the time of purchase and are not cumulative. So if you think you'll want 10 copies or more, it's better to order them all at the same time. If you purchase 5 copies on two separate occasions, you'll only get the price for 5 copies, not 10.