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I need step by step instructions on how to use this site

Logging on

The first thing to do is to log on, if you haven't already done so. Log on by clicking the "Log On" button which you'll find in the top right hand corner of every page of our site, and then enter your email address and password on the following page.

If there's a welcome message instead of the "Log On" button then you are already logged on!

If you get an error message when you try to log on, then you must be typing either the wrong email address, or the wrong password. Double-check that you are entering the same email address that you gave us when you first became a member of jacquielawson.com, and if you're sure the email address is correct, click "Forgotten your password" and we will send a password reset email. Please click here if you need help with logging on.

Sending ecards

Your jacquielawson.com ecards membership lets you send as many ecards as you like, to as many people as you like, for the duration of your membership. You can send cards using our email system, or you can post them on Facebook or other social media, or send them using your own email program. You can also use the free JL ecards app to send cards easily from your phone.

If you'd like help with this, please click here for our special FAQ about how to send an ecard.

Handy tip!

The first time you send an ecard to someone, get in touch with them first to warn them that it's on the way. Otherwise they may not recognise it as a genuine email, and delete it thinking it's junk mail.

You can also add gifts to your card and book a card to be send on a future date. You can explore these features further when you have mastered the art of sending your ecards.

Other member features

When you log on to jacquielawson.com, a number of options become available which are only available to members. You'll find them under My Details at the top of the screen, next to the welcome message. They include:

  • Personal information, Payment details, Manage membership, etc.

    These are secure pages where you can tell us your name, email address and postal address. You can also set up or cancel automatic renewal of your membership, and give us the credit card details which you'd like us to use. You can find out from these pages how much longer your membership will last, and you can change your password here too. You can also tell us what emails you'd like us to send you — for example, if you'd like us to send you our newsletters, and notifications when your cards have been sent or viewed.

  • Address book & reminders.

    This page lets you set up a list of names and email addresses to make it easier to send cards to your friends and family. Better still, you can record everyone's birthdays, and if you do this then our computer will automatically send you a reminder before each birthday, so you have plenty of time to send a card.

  • Cards pending.

    This is a list of cards which you've ordered but have not yet been sent.

  • Card history.

    This is a list of all the cards you've sent in the past. Great for checking you sent to the correct email address, and for making sure you don't send the same card twice to the same person!

  • Order history.

    This page shows other products you've bought from our site, such as Advent Calendars and Gift Memberships. It lets you manage your gifts, change the recipients for un-redeemed gifts, and re-send notification emails.

Advent Calendars

Every Christmas we make an animated Advent Calendar. Just like a traditional Advent Calendar, it gives you a different surprise for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas — as well as a selection of games and puzzles and other things to amuse you. Unfortunately the huge amount of work that goes into the Advent Calendar means that we can't include it for free with your ecards membership, but the price is very reasonable, especially if you buy several to give to your friends and family. Keep an eye out for our Newsletters every November so you don't miss out!

Country Cottage

You can also download our Country Cottage and its Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs. Immerse yourself in the world of Jacquie Lawson, repairing and decorating your own virtual cottage in the English countryside! Click the link to view a short video demo.