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What do you do with data you hold on card recipients?

When you use our ecard service you will inevitably need to give us the email addresses of the people to whom you send our cards. You will probably also give us their name (although often just their first name, or something like "Uncle John", since this is only used for addressing the card). And you may also choose to enter their birthday in your Address Book, so that we can send you birthday reminders.

So it is perfectly reasonable to ask: what do we do with all this data, and is it safe? The answer is quite simple.

  • We (obviously) email recipients to tell them that you have sent them a card. If they don't open the card the first time we send them one reminder.
  • We do not contact recipients to try to sell our service, or for any other reason than the above, unless they have specifically given us permission to do so by opting in to our newsletter mailing list.
  • We do not disclose recipient data to third parties, except in the few circumstances which are outlined in our privacy policy – essentially, in conjunction with a sale of the business to a third party, or if we are legally obliged to do so.
  • See also our FAQ about our security measures for storing your data

What about cookies?

When a recipient views a card you have sent them, that inevitably entails a visit to our website, since that's where the cards are created and stored. In doing this, the recipient becomes a user of our website, and we may collect additional non-personal data, through analytics cookies and suchlike, as described in our privacy policy.

Can a recipient request to have their data deleted from your system?

Yes, of course. Indeed, under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, this is a legal requirement. If we receive a request to delete anyone's personal data from our systems we will comply promptly and as required. Please note that in the case of recipient data, that would involve our removal of such data from the Address Book and/or Card History of the member(s) concerned, and as a courtesy we would contact the member(s) in order to explain the situation.

I don't want to receive your ecards from anyone!

Sorry to hear that – but no problem! Please see our FAQ page about our "block list".