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I have a question about the Jacquie Lawson Colouring App

The Jacquie Lawson Colouring App has been discontinued and so will no longer function. Please see our dedicated FAQ page on this for more information.

What is the Jacquie Lawson Colouring App

The Colouring App is a fun app for iOS which lets you create your own artwork based on genuine Jacquie Lawson designs. Select an image to colour in, select a palette of colours to suit the image, and start work. When you've finished you can save your work, share it with friends and family, and even turn it into a fun digital jigsaw puzzle!

How do I get the app?

The Colouring App is at present only available for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. See more information on the Jacquie Lawson Colouring app here.

How can I get more colouring sheets?

Once you've had fun with the free colouring sheets, please consider taking out a monthly subscription to receive new designs and colour palettes on a regular basis. You can do this from within the app.

(Please note that the Colouring App subscription and our ecards subscription are two totally separate things and one subscription does not entitle you to the other!)

Do I need to be an ecard subscriber to use the Colouring app?

No, the Colouring App is available for absolutely anyone to use, free of charge.

What devices is the Colouring App available for?

At present the app is available only for iOS devices. Please see our technical specifications FAQ for full details of supported devices.

Can I purchase the app as a gift for someone else?

Please check the Apple App Store in your country to see if this feature is available.

How do I cancel my colouring app subscription?

Your colouring app subscription is managed via the Apple App Store, and unfortunately we do not have access to your app store transactions. Please go to the Apple App Store to cancel your subscription or if you have any other queries about your purchase transactions.

Your subscription has been automatically cancelled, as the app has been discontinued.